Quality, Integrity, Performance.

Suppressed Armament was founded in 2005. Having been in the business for several years under a different name, Custom Tactical Systems, it was decided to restructure as an L.L.C.

From our start as Custom Tactical, we have been in business for over 15 years. In that 15 years, Suppressed Armament has left its mark in several ways. Here are two of the ways that we consider the most important.

1. The reduction in acceptable POI. When we began Suppressed Armament, 6 inches of poi was acceptable and expected when adding a suppressor to the end of a weapon. It did not take long for us to discover how to improve this.  The problem was the way barrels were being threaded. The most often asked question at that time was "How can you keep poi so minimal?" (typically under 3/8")  Tim Humston, the owner and creator of SAS-LLC, has never been the type to keep something that could help the customer to himself. He has always been happy to explain the theory and practice behind this change in process. Today anything over 1" is something rare and cause for investigation.

2. T.O.M.B.  The thread over muzzle brake. Originally created by Tim Humston in 2001. This was designed  based on Mr. Humston's passion for long range accuracy and repeatability. Today, 16 years later this is the most copied suppressor mounting design since the HK 3 lug mount.  Some companies try to subtly change it, calling it their taper mount, others offer a direct copy, even using our trademarked acronym T.O.M.B.  Anything with threads and an angular taper is nothing more than an adaptation of Suppressed Armaments 16 year old proven design.

  Always innovating, always helping.

Suppressed Armament is an old school business based on strength of character and performance based product.  We leave the flash and showmanship to the others.